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Missing teeth can be replaced in a variety of ways. Traditionally, dental bridges, partial dentures and full dentures have been the standards for filling in the gaps left by tooth loss. That is quickly changing.

Dental implants are becoming the favorite choice for filling in the gaps. Not only do they look like regular teeth, they also provide health benefits to the jawbone that the other prosthetics cannot. They last longer than other prosthetics, and in the case of dentures, implant supported dentures provide an unsurpassed level of security.

You will no doubt have many questions about dental implants, and the dental team at Ora Dental Implant Studio will be happy to answer all of your questions. Some of the more common questions are:

There are reasons why so many dentists are suggesting dental implants as a replacement for missing teeth. Make an appointment with Ora Dental Implant Studio, and find out why dental implants are becoming so popular.

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Umakant D.

I will highly recommend Dr. Dalla. I found him to be very pleasant and highly professional. I had implants done and he did it so well that I had no discomfort. He is an excellent dentist specialist.

Lisa O.

I went to Ora last month for a denture implant consultation, soon as I walked through the door I was greeted by the ladies in the front. My consultation went great Dr. Dalla was great, he listened to my concerns and explained what would be the best procedure for my situation. Also worked with my financial situation. I had all my teeth extracted and my dentures placed. Tia was so wonderful she did her best to calm me down and reassure me there was nothing to be nervous about. Before he started I expressed how nervous and scared I was he assured me I was in great hands and I was. The staff there is the best. I have a little discomfort but when I looked in the mirror for the first time a hour ago I was very very happy with my outcome. I still have to go back for the implants then I'll be finished. I want to thank the whole staff at Ora for giving me my confidence back in my smile.

Gary B.

The whole experience went great. From the front office staff to the back office staff. The implants look and feel great. Thanks for everything... I will see you in the new year....

Darnell H.

Nice everyone and everything there is very nice they explain things in a way you can perfectly understand. I will be looking forward to having the things I need fixed

Dennis H.

First visit went very well, the Doctor listened to what I needed/wanted done, and gave me a schedule to complete the work.

Mashoq A.

Everything about this office is amazing from the staffs to the dentist and the dentist take his time to take care of his patients