The teeth farthest back in the mouth are called the wisdom teeth. They are third molars but called wisdom teeth because they are the last of the teeth to erupt. They come in usually during the late teens or early twenties. Decades ago, this was considered a time when people developed wisdom.

Wisdom teeth have the reputation for being problematic. They seldom come in straight or without pain. In many situations, the wisdom teeth are impacted. This means they begin to erupt, and they push on the adjacent tooth. They often come in sideways or crooked and almost always need to be extracted.

Impacted Tooth Extractions

Inflammation often develops as wisdom teeth push on neighboring teeth. The inflammation of the soft tissues can be painful. Sometimes the impacted wisdom teeth will also push against the nerves of adjacent teeth. This irritates the nerve and can cause even more discomfort and pain.

The third molars try to erupt, and sometimes they will do so partially, but not completely. This can cause irritation of the gums. It can also create food traps, as part of the crown of the tooth is exposed but the rest of it is covered over with the gum. If this situation is not handled in a timely fashion, decay can begin to eat away the enamel of the tooth and cause a cavity to form. The longer the situation is left unchecked, the worse it becomes.

Extraction of wisdom teeth before they can cause serious problems is preferred. This eliminates prolonged periods of pain for the individual and prevents other issues from developing, such as misalignment of adjacent teeth. X-rays can reveal the complexity of the wisdom teeth eruption process.

Wisdom teeth extraction is considered surgery and as such, proper home care is necessary in order to promote efficient healing. When you have your wisdom teeth extracted, you will be given instructions on how to care for the extraction site once you get home. Follow the directions to prevent problems.

If you are feeling the pain of wisdom teeth or you are at the age where they may begin to erupt, contact Ora Dental Implant Studio to schedule an appointment. We can examine your teeth and if necessary, extract your wisdom teeth before they have a chance to cause you serious discomfort.

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