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When summer temperatures soar, your body will remind you to drink more water by signaling thirst. At least that is true for most people. The truth is, even when temperatures lower to tolerable levels, hydration is still important for proper functioning of your body’s systems, for oral health and yes, for the health of your implants. Sufficient hydration is a critical factor in maintaining your oral health for reasons that may not be readily apparent.

Battling Dry Mouth

One of the most obvious reasons to stay hydrated is dry mouth. This condition develops when the saliva output is low and insufficient to keep the mouth adequately hydrated. Did you know that saliva does more than just keep your mouth moist?

Saliva has many functions in maintaining oral health. In addition to moisturizing your mouth, it also helps you chew, taste and swallow. It helps you maintain oral health by fighting the germs in your mouth and it prevents bad breath. Saliva also contains proteins and minerals that protect your tooth enamel, and prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

When your body is not producing enough saliva, dry mouth, or xerostomia, develops. This condition can cause the tongue, gums and other tissues in the mouth to become swollen and uncomfortable. Bad breath can also result as harmful germs begin to proliferate.

The lack of moisture also causes tooth decay and gum disease develop quicker. Saliva helps clear away food particles and constantly bathes the teeth and gums with needed proteins and minerals. When saliva levels are lowered, more food particles remain in the mouth and there is less natural protection for the teeth.

Dry Mouth and Your Implant

Your implant needs a healthy oral environment in order to be successful. Dry mouth creates an unhealthy oral environment that can have serious consequences. The bacterial buildup that occurs as a result of lack of saliva affects your teeth and gums. Implants can develop peri-implantitis, which is a condition that can lead to implant failure. As the gums become swollen and bad bacteria increase in number, the gum tissues surrounding the implant become infected.

Keeping your mouth moist will help prevent this from happening. Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can help eliminate or minimize dry mouth. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is vital. Additionally, you can chew sugar-free gum or suck on sugarless hard candies to stimulate saliva production. Even rinsing your mouth with water often will help keep moisture in your mouth.

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Umakant D.

I will highly recommend Dr. Dalla. I found him to be very pleasant and highly professional. I had implants done and he did it so well that I had no discomfort. He is an excellent dentist specialist.

Lisa O.

I went to Ora last month for a denture implant consultation, soon as I walked through the door I was greeted by the ladies in the front. My consultation went great Dr. Dalla was great, he listened to my concerns and explained what would be the best procedure for my situation. Also worked with my financial situation. I had all my teeth extracted and my dentures placed. Tia was so wonderful she did her best to calm me down and reassure me there was nothing to be nervous about. Before he started I expressed how nervous and scared I was he assured me I was in great hands and I was. The staff there is the best. I have a little discomfort but when I looked in the mirror for the first time a hour ago I was very very happy with my outcome. I still have to go back for the implants then I'll be finished. I want to thank the whole staff at Ora for giving me my confidence back in my smile.

Gary B.

The whole experience went great. From the front office staff to the back office staff. The implants look and feel great. Thanks for everything... I will see you in the new year....

Darnell H.

Nice everyone and everything there is very nice they explain things in a way you can perfectly understand. I will be looking forward to having the things I need fixed

Dennis H.

First visit went very well, the Doctor listened to what I needed/wanted done, and gave me a schedule to complete the work.

Mashoq A.

Everything about this office is amazing from the staffs to the dentist and the dentist take his time to take care of his patients