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If you are considering dental implants, it helps to know what other patients have to say. In addition, tooth restoration is a complex process, so it is important to choose the right option. At Ora Dental Implant Studio, we have all the answers.

Restoring your smile is about more than the appearance of teeth. There are also health and functionality considerations. While dentures and other solutions will go some way towards dealing with aesthetics, there are many practical failings with this traditional method.

Implants offer a range of solutions to help you achieve all your oral health goals. From healthier gums to strengthening bones, some of the benefits may surprise you.

Smile Aesthetics

An unsecured bridge or denture can slip out of place. This noticeable sign of false teeth may cause discomfort or embarrassment. Unfortunately, a dental device is more likely to fall from the mouth when a person is smiling, laughing, or speaking. If you want to smile with confidence, consider dental restorations secured with implants.

Sensory Issues

Using dental adhesives to secure a denture can result in unexpected sensory issues. For example, the taste, texture, or smell of these products may cause choking, nausea, and other unpleasant sensations. Patients who suffer from sensory issues feel more comfortable with options that rely on dental implants to remain anchored.

Gum Discomfort & Irritation

When a dental restoration can move in the mouth, it can irritate the gums. In addition, over time, the structures of the mouth change in shape and size. Dentures may therefore become ill-fitting, which can make daily wear uncomfortable and even painful. By securing dentures with dental implants, these issues are eliminated.

Oral Functionality

When teeth are more secure, eating and drinking are pleasant and enjoyable. However, this is not the only reason dental implants are better than traditional dentures. The bones in the mouth also rely on an anchor to regrow. This process is naturally facilitated by the roots in the teeth. A dental implant simulates the same process, helping the bones in the mouth to remain strong and healthy.

To learn more about the great benefits of dental implants, reach out to Ora Dental Implant Studio for a consultation today.

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Umakant D.

I will highly recommend Dr. Dalla. I found him to be very pleasant and highly professional. I had implants done and he did it so well that I had no discomfort. He is an excellent dentist specialist.

Lisa O.

I went to Ora last month for a denture implant consultation, soon as I walked through the door I was greeted by the ladies in the front. My consultation went great Dr. Dalla was great, he listened to my concerns and explained what would be the best procedure for my situation. Also worked with my financial situation. I had all my teeth extracted and my dentures placed. Tia was so wonderful she did her best to calm me down and reassure me there was nothing to be nervous about. Before he started I expressed how nervous and scared I was he assured me I was in great hands and I was. The staff there is the best. I have a little discomfort but when I looked in the mirror for the first time a hour ago I was very very happy with my outcome. I still have to go back for the implants then I'll be finished. I want to thank the whole staff at Ora for giving me my confidence back in my smile.

Gary B.

The whole experience went great. From the front office staff to the back office staff. The implants look and feel great. Thanks for everything... I will see you in the new year....

Darnell H.

Nice everyone and everything there is very nice they explain things in a way you can perfectly understand. I will be looking forward to having the things I need fixed

Dennis H.

First visit went very well, the Doctor listened to what I needed/wanted done, and gave me a schedule to complete the work.

Mashoq A.

Everything about this office is amazing from the staffs to the dentist and the dentist take his time to take care of his patients